Prado essentials: Masterpieces

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“Prado Essentials”  guided tour covers different masterworks of the most representative schools and artists of all times represented at the Prado. From the Italian Quattrocento to Goya, Madrid Original will propose you a selection of works by the Flemish primitives, Dürer, Raphael, Titian, Greco, Rubens and Velázquez.

Our selections are some of the many that could be done, but we have managed to build consistent dialogs between the different works selected. You will enjoy noticing the contrasts or similarities among them.

Do you already have your favourites? Let’s talk: we’ll integrate them in an enriching selection which will allow you discover new perspectives on those paintings you love and know well.

If you already know the museum, then we suggest you a tailor made tour, either focussed on the novelties, either on an author or theme. Have a look here to our Prado Museum tours.

The duration of this tour is 1h30. You can check our prices here.

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