1 year in Madrid: Madrid for Madrilenians

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For you, Madrid-born citizen in love with the city, and for you, long-time foreign resident who has learnt to love it and want more… this Madrid Original® “Madrid for Madrilenians” is the program for you!

September: A walked guided tour after the half-hidden evidences of a Medieval past, from Madrid foundation by emir Mohamed I to the death of Queen Isabella of Castille.

October: If you liked your visit to Las Descalzas Reales, you will also love this private guided visit to the Convent of La Encarnación, founded by queen Margaret of Austria and protected ever since by Habsburgs, Medicis and Bourbons.

November: A guided visit to the Prado Museum under a new perspective: the story of a genre, a collection inside the collection, a famous school, an insighful view on your prefered artist (Bosch, Titian, Rubens, Velázquez, Goya) or a first-class artist who will soon become a favourite of yours (Raphael, Ribera, Murillo, Poussin, Van Dyck).

December: A private guided visit to the Lázaro-Galdiano Museum, the precious collection gathered by this rich editor and his milliardaire wife in their flamboyant palace Villa Florida.

January: A private guided tour to the Basilica of Saint Francis the Great, a prodigious architectural and decorative project of 18th century, where Goya had to compete against his best contemporaries. Later considered as National Pantheon, it was finally restaured as church with the contribution of some of the best Spanish artists of late 19th century.

February: A guided visit to the re-opened Romantic Museum will introduce us into the 19th century lifestyle. Furniture, paintings and personal belongings of characters such as poet Bécquer and journalist Larra evoke the rich cultural activity of a turbulent era of economic, social and political transformations.

March: a guided visit to “the other Thyssen collection”: the Carmen Thyssen collection , on deposit at the Thyssen-Bornemizsa Museum.

April: A private guided visit to the Sorolla Museum, the house and studio of Spanish Impressionist Joaquín Sorolla.

May: A spring walked guided tour though “Fuente del Berro”, a park with a 500-years-long history.

June: A guided visit to the most talented contemporaries of Picasso, Miró and Dalí: Juan Gris, Pablo Gargallo, Julio González and Oscar Domínguez at the Reina Sofía Museum.

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