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The Reina Sofía Museum main jewel is Picasso’s “Guernica”, a 20th century icon and one of the most powerful emblems against war crimes. Why this painting became the legend it has become? Modern art usually expresses emotions: any person can feel and be moved in front of it. But it has been created by artists with a rich artistic background, and very often most of their message is lost or misunderstood.

Our guided tours lead you through 20th century gathering the keys that will help you understand this museum’s masterpieces, and, hopefully, some other museums’ ones too!

A morning with Picasso

A morning with Picasso



“A morning with Picasso” guided visit is a selection of more than twenty artworks, representative of all his periods present in the Museum, from his early productions in “Belle Epoque” Paris to his “The painter and his model”...