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Exhibitions in Madrid

Exhibition: “Women masters”

Exhibition: “Women masters”

From: 31/Oct/2023

To: 04/Feb/2024

Place:Museo Thyssen

La exposición “Maestras” muestra obras de arte hechas por mujeres a través de la historia. Y viceversa: muestra cómo vislumbrar la Historia del ...

Exhibition: “Picasso 1906. The turning point”

Exhibition: “Picasso 1906. The turning point”

From: 15/Nov/2023

To: 04/Jun/2024

Place:Museo Reina Sofía

La exposición “Picasso 1906. La gran transformación” en el Museo Reina Sofía cierra el año de conmemoración del cincuentenario de la muerte del ...

Exhibition: “Chagall. A cry of freedom”

Exhibition: “Chagall. A cry of freedom”

From: 02/Feb/2024

To: 05/May/2024

Place:Fundación MAPFRE

Marc Chagall forjó un mundo de fantasía, donde animales, hombres, mujeres, y criaturas pintorescas sobrevuelan un universo colorido. Esas ...

Exhibition: “Art and nature. A century of biomorphism”

Exhibition: “Art and nature. A century of biomorphism”

From: 19/Feb/2024

To: 09/Jun/2024


“Arte y naturaleza. Un siglo de biomorfismo”. La nueva exposición de Caixaforum trae obras del Centre Pompidou de París para invitarnos a ...

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Learn with our courses taught by art historians: we bring Art History to the classroom!

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