Madrid Club: our annual program


An annual program of guided tours consisting of a tour every month, during nine months, with preestablished dates and contents .

What are the advantages of belonging to Madrid Club ?

  1. You will enjoy with regularity of Madrid’s arts agenda: a monthly visit, for nine months (e.g., from october to june)
  2. You’ll never miss any important arts event in Madrid: since the program is already preestablished since october, your ticket will always be booked in advance for every exhibition, including those that are difficult to organize in the short run. From the beginning, you will know:
    • the object of each tour: the exhibitions, permanent collections, monuments and walks that you will have chosen with your group
    • and the dates. If your group decides it so, the nine tour would all take place on the same weekday and same hour of the day (e.g..: every last Tuesday, at noon)
  3. You’ll benefit from special fees:
    • by sharing your tour with your regular group of 6 to 12 members (vs. a tour just for you)
    • by paying in advance modules of three tours (vs. paying per tour)
  4. You’ll get access to other special guided tours, with prices equally inferior to the general prices.

how to join madrid club?

  1. If you have already your own group (family, friends or company) for whom you’d like to organize an annual program, fill the form and tell us what are your preferences for the group (weekday, hour, themes or periods you’d like to include…). We will design the best program considering what Madrid has to offer in terms of exhibitions and other cultural offerings. The ideal dimension for the group is 6 to 12 participants per tour guide.
  2. If you wish to join a preexisting group, you can also use the form in order to express what are your preferences (weekday, hour, themes or periods you’d like to include…). In that case, write “1” in the field box “Group size” and “I’d like to join preestablished group” in the box entitled “Message”. If there is a vacant, we’ll be delighted in you can join it!
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