Toledo: crossroads of civilizations

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Toledo’s history and heritage as crossroads of civilizations, condensed in a private guided tour led by one of our art historians. This is our proposal. Romans, Visigoths, Arabs, Christian crusaders, all those who had a significant role in Spanish history left their mark in Toledo. It also seduced minorities and individualities who brought here their creative energy: the important Sephardic community living in Toledo during the Middle Ages and a long list of personalities from all the places in Europe: Hannequin of Brussels, Juan Guas, Charles V, Juanelo Turriano…

Our private guided tour of Toledo, will review each of these collective and individual pasts through their architectural and artistic contributions in a town that is one of Spain’s most monumental aces and a UNESCO World Heritage site: Roman infrastructures allover Toledo; the Mosque of Bab-Al-Mardum; the Romanesque-Mudejar churches; La Blanca and Samuel Levi’s synagogues; the medieval bridges; the splendid Cathedral (hierarchically, the first of Spanish catholic temples); the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes; Charles V’s Alcázar (rebuilt after Spanish Civil War and now transformed into Army Museum)…

If you wish a private guided tour of Toledo, Crossroads of Civilizations, fill the form and we will contact you. We recommend a three hours tour.

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