Aranjuez: the King’s Eden

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Miguel de Cervantes confirmed about Aranjuez that “true is the fame of this place that has spread all over the world”. Aranjuez was praised by its palace’s beautiful architecture, the splendid art collections or the harmony of the town design. But since the beginning the gardens were celebrated, and today are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The gardens deserve that recognition because of their richness and variety: they were the King’s Gardens, and from Philip II ti Ferdinand VII they were constantly extended and embellished with monumental fountains and architectural caprices. Today Aranjuez displays gardens that are pure prototypes of four centuries landscaping models: the King’s Garden (closed Renaissance garden), the Island’s garden (typical 17th century Habsbourg’s garden), the Parterre (characteristic of first Bourbon’s taste for order), and the Prince’s Garden (where English landscaping was introduced).
But if the gardens are Aranjuez most specific value, the Palace is also a playbook of architectural and decorative fashion: a Renaissance core designed by Juan Bautista de Toledo and decorated by the best marble sculptors; Baroque rooms (standing out Carlos II’s office with Luca Giordano’s vaults), Rococo, Neoclassical, Empire… and so on up to Isabelline’s Romantic style that prevails today as the last decoration layer.

In order to visit the palace, the town and the gardens, we recommend a three hours visit, The tour can be completed with a visit to the Casa del Labrador, one of the most sumptuous pavilions of Spanish Royal sites.

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