El Greco’s Toledo

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A private guided tour designed to discover Toledo with El Greco’s eyes, and El Greco through Toledo’s heritage. This is what our private tour guides in Toledo will offer you. El Greco lived in Toledo during the last 37 years of his life, more than anywhere else in the World. Those were the years when he forged his unmistakable style, and that was the town where he produced the bulk of his work, in quantitative and qualitative terms. Although his rediscovery during 19th century meant that his Toledo production was dispersed allover the World, here remain some of his masterpieces, so many that hald a day in Toledo may be devoted to following El Greco’s footsteps in his adoptive town.

Our private tour will lead us to the Cathedral in order to admire in the Sacristy several of his works;  to Santo Tomé in order to contemplate the celebrated “Entombment of the Count of Orgaz”; to the Museo de Santa Cruz, where the Capilla Ovalle and works from San Nicolás are displayed; to Santo Domingo el Antiguo, both the beginning and the end of his Toledan career; and to the Hospital de Tavera, the Cretan’s last (and unfinished) project.

If you wish a private guided tour of El Greco’s Toledo with Madrid Original, fill the form and we will contact you. We recommend a three hours hours.

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