Segovia: kings, knights, priests, merchants

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The spirit of the Middle Ages brought back to life with our private guided tour of Segovia! There is no better place than Segovia if you wish to understand the transformation of a Spanish town from the Low Middle Ages into the Early Modern times, from feudalism into the greater social mobility of the 16th century. Kings, knights, priests and merchants were the main actors of Segovia’s history during that period, each contributing to the town’s splendor in some degree. Under the example of the Roman Aqueduct, Segovia was impelled towards greatness. Kings had palaces erected and founded monasteries; knights had mansions built and chapels ornated; a community of wealthy burghers funded “The Dame of Cathedrals”, Although Segovia’s history was also one of fights and crisis, it may be proud of a great achievement: having build and preserved a surprising heritage.

Our private tour of Segovia, picturesque town if there is one, will make us walk from the Aqueduct up to the Alcázar, stopping by Romanesque churches and houses, visiting the Cathedral and the remains of the old synagogue, distinguishing the Medieval Alcázar from the Renaissance reforms and 19th century restorations, and enjoying the panoramic view of the templars church of Vera Cruz, Monastery of Parral or the Royal Mint.

If you wish our private guided tour of Segovia, fill the form and we will contact you. We recommend a three hours tour.


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