Picasso’s Guernica in context at Reina Sofía Museum

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Reina Sofia Museum is the best contemporary art museum in Spain.

It houses Picasso’s Guernica, the museum’s gem.

We suggest a tour focused on Guernica and the art of the 1930s, to better understand that 20th century icon.

If Picasso’s masterpiece is the main star, Miró’s revolutionary art is its best companion. Context rooms unveil a constellation of Spanish art produced during the convulse 30s decade illustrating the political tension and helping us to understand the great masters aesthetic turns: end of Primo de Rivera dictatorship, tumultuous Second Republic period and Spanish Civil war, that ended exactly five months before the outbreak of WW2.

Almost every year there are renovations in the curatorial selection, so we can periodically renew our vision of Picasso’s Guernica.

Tour duration: 1h30. You can check our prices here.

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