El Pardo, a hunter’s palace

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El Pardo was in the beginning a Royal Hunting Ground, but today History is the biggest game you can hunt. Residence of Charles V, Phillipe II, Charles III, Ferdinand VII, Franco…. there are traces of all them: architectures, paintings, tapestry, furniture are the footprints that the hunter of history must be able to follow.

Our visit seeks the testimony of a witness in every vault or every tapestry. The main characters of History (Habsbourg family, Bourbons…) and the Art History (Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclasicism) reveal, again, as faithful allies and companions.
The Royal Palace of El Pardo, winter residence in the four seasons turn of the “Jornadas Reales” (Royal seasonal moving), conserves thus one of the most complete 18th century tapestry collection, among which stand out tapestries weaved after designs by Goya. The renaissance court, Danae’s paintings in the “Chambermaid room”, the baroque vaults, the Fernando VII furniture or the magnificent decoration of the Casita del Príncipe (House of the Prince) are other highlights of the visit.

If you wish this private guided tour of El Pardo palace, fill the form and we will contact you. We recommend one hour and a half for our guided tour.

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