El Escorial: the pride of the Habsburgs

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El Escorial, more than a palace or a monastery, was since the beginning a monument, actually a building built and decorated to commemorate a victory (Saint Quentin), as a filial tribute (from Phillip II to Charles V) and serve as symbol of a family’s power (the Habsburgs).

Thus, it was a monument in the very sense of the word, before the artistic value became the main concept. But, if El Escorial is also a monument in its modern sense is because Phillip II and his successors Phillip III and Charles II understood the importance of art at the service of power, recruiting the best: from Juan Bautista de Toledo to Juan de Herrera, from Pompeo Leoni to Luca Giordano…
Madrid Original® suggests a 3 hours visit by the different zones of the monument: the palace of Phillip II; the Royal Pantheon; the basilica and the monastery; the Royal Bibliotheque; the museum of tapestry, architecture and painting.

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