1 day in Madrid with Goya outside the Prado

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The Prado owns the largest Goya collection in the world… but Goya also exists outside the Prado: in churches, small museums and palaces. We suggest a scholar-led tour of Goya outside the Prado, a kind of treasure hunt across the city.

With this tour, we will review all its tapestry related activity: from sketches to cartoons, from a visit to the Royal Tapestry Factory to the exhibition of woven tapestries in Royal Palaces, such as El Pardo.

His activity as religious painter, engaver and portraitist will lead us to the Royal Academy Museum, the Lázaro Galdiano Museum, San Antonio de la Florida, Museo Calasancio and other small institions… all showing Goyas to the public.

And, booking months in advance, we will arrange the visit to the other half-hidden jewels in private and institutional collections, such as the Palace of Liria and the Bank of Spain.

If you wish information on this private guided full-day tour around Goya’s works in Madrid outside the Prado, fill the form and we will contact you. .

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