The last treasure: Madrid’s Royal Collection Gallery

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The wait has been worth it! The project to exhibit the Royal Collections in a new building began in 1998. The rich heritage of the State from the collections accumulated by the monarchy, and not shown in current museums, palaces, or monasteries due to lack of space or conservation problems, is finally on show to everyone.

The building, by Mansilla + Tuñon studio, deserves a whole new chapter. An imposing and austere structure stands on the cornice of Madrid, connecting the Campo del Moro gardens with the emblematic Plaza de Oriente square. It saves a huge unevenness, with a display of only three stories: they are the monumental heights that the tapestries require. The interior is all clarity, fluidity, and pleasing vanishing points. And upon reaching the galleries, the building vanishes and gives all the prominence to the pieces.

Regarding the collections, the success of the curatorship is complete: rarely exhibited treasures stand out -especially, the tapestries-, but also wonderful pieces borrowed from the Royal Sites. Thus, a more complete vision of royal collecting is offered without stripping palaces or convents, with guaranteed novelties. Paintings (by El Greco, Caravaggio, Velázquez, Goya…), tapestries, clocks, armors, books, furniture, carriages, and a host of objects of the highest quality and prestige dazzle at every step.

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