Archeological Museum: Atapuerca-Alhambra

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The National Archaeological Museum (Museo Arqueológico Nacional-MAN)  was born in 1867 to host the most valuable remains of the past found in Spanish ground. The present set up recovers that purpose. Where shall we start from?

Visiting the MAN is a vertiginous walk through history…. we need time to admire the Museum’s jewels and know the great lines of the museum approach.
The tour we suggest covers only a part of the space and timeline of the Museum’s collection, but we will point at those moments in the past that made of south-western Europe a unique place. Thus, from the fundamental paleontological site of Atapuerca to the Nasrid Art of the Alhambra, we select for you some of the most outstanding pieces in our distant past: cave paintings of Cantabria and Levante, Los Millares, El Algar, Tartessos, Iberians and Celtiberians, the strategic roman province of Rome Hispania, the Visigoths, the caliphal Al-Andalus, and Taifas.

Tour duration: 1h30-2h. You can check our prices here.

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