Museum of Romanticism: flashback to 19th c.

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Fall 2009: After 8 years of reforms, Madrid recovered its Romantic Museum, renamed National Museum of Romanticism. Its new name revealed its new mission: helping the visitor travel to the very heart of 19th century.

More than any other 1800s cultural movements, Romanticism transformed not only literature and art, but consciences and fashions. The Romantic Museum can be visited as the recreation of the different spaces of a 19th century palace, or as an exhibition where each room develops the theme of one essential aspect of the Romantic life. Furniture prints and paintings perfectly illustrate the period. Goya, Vicente López and Federico de Madrazo hold their place at the Romantic Museum, where Leonardo Alenza, Eugenio Lucas, Jenaro Pérez Villaamil or Francisco Lameyer are maybe better represented than at the Prado Museum. In short, Madrid has recovered a museum as interesting as charming.

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