La Encarnación, treasure in stone

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Madrid Original ®’s private guided visit to the Encarnación monastery will highlight the value of the works of art preserved within the convent’s walls. The paintings and sculptures in their original locations will reveal all their religious symbolism and deliver all their anthropolical interest.

Our guided visits present the intertwined natures of the “Encarnación” monastery: a museum, a convent and a royal foundation.

The museum will allow us to admire the works of art painted by Bernardino Luini, or Luca Giordano, and appreciate the iconographic value of lesser works by other artists.

The convent will help us evoke the religious life that has been going on within walls for nearly 4 centuries, and highlight the existing relations between liturgy, religious life and iconography.

The royal foundation will introduce us to the private life of the king’s closest relatives, in a way no visit to a royal palace will ever do.

The recommended duration for a guided tour of the Encarnación monastery is one hour and a half.

If you wish this private guided tour to La Encarnación, fill the form and we will contact you.

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