Exhibition: “Reunited” at the Prado Museum

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CATEGORY | Exhibitions |

EXPERIENCE | Newest Madrid |

PLACE | Prado Museum |

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN | Art until 1900 |

DATES | 06/Jun/2020 - 13/Sep/2020 |


After COVID-19, the Prado Museum has reopened, eager to get reunited with its visitors. “Reunited” became, therefore, the title for the permanent’s collection new display, adapted to the safety conditions of this new era.

Following the logic of the title, it has also been the opportunity for some works of art to get reunited with former pendants, or with the natural light that enters the translucid skylights of the central gallery.

The exhibition showcases 200 masterpieces, the ones that you would be normally looking for during your first visit to the Prado Museum. Only, this time, they are condensed in a few rooms, giving the chance to the visitor to compare masterpiece with masterpiece, in dialogs that had never before been possible, breaking the usual distribution in different national sections, and allowing different successive generations of works to coexist under the same vault.

Although similar to the Prado classical tour, it has all the exceptionality of a temporary exhibition, not only because of the foresaid features of its display, but also because it has a closing date: September the 13th.

With Madrid Original, you’ll meet (again) the classics of the Prado and you’ll discover the hidden side of them that comes to light in their new context. We’ll get for you the selection within the selection, with the most relevant masterpieces, arranged in an array of gems, linked with the golden chain of influences and references.

If you wish a private guided tour to this exhibition at the Prado Museum, fill the form and we will contact you. This private guided tour is limited to 4 visitors and 1 guide. We recommend one hour and a half.

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